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Colegio Instituto para la Ciencia has the modality in "Environmental Education", as a social gift to the knowledge and conservation of our natural resources.

After having some years of experience, we decided to go further in similar scientific areas that should go with the secondary school, such as astronomy and technologies. That is why chemistry laboratories are based on the creation of products. The labs are not used just to watch only.

Environment education modality

Even though our Government defined the last two grades (10th and 11th) to practice the modality, this institution decided, since its foundation, a curricular program that involves all educative statements around its modalities, through a particular subject, for example:
6th grade
Developes a curriculo based on Entomology and deeps in lepidopterology.
7th grade
The subject modality is Botany with emphasis in regional flora.
8th grade
The modality is represented in the subject "ornithology".
9th grade
This subject is "mammals and herpetology".
10th grade
This subject is "Waters and forests", and its profundization corresponds to the treatment of residual waters. Also it studies Antropology and its profundization corresponds to regional pre-colombian cultures.
11th grade
In this grade ends the secondary, so does the modality. All the former themes are retaken and then we study methodologies in order to evaluate the environment impact and the profundization of it.

Besides, the grades have their own ecology themes given by the government, and as a complement, the educative shops are done every two weeks. This practice is given in order to reinforce the knowledge of the social and biotic environment.

Scientific modality

The scientific emphasis is done in all our grades thru a subject called "Thinkers by Natura". Their goal is to study the different personages who helped and help to the develope of science and tecnology. They also analize some outstanding devices in the develope of human society.

As a support to this subject, every student develope some jobs that show to people at Plaza de Bolívar in Manizales city, every year.

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